Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lunching with the Ladies

Seriously folks, I thought I had put up these photos. Perhaps I forgot to save it or something weird happened.

We met first at Kaplan's Fabrics down in the Plaza to fondle fabric. I think Melody did some good damage there. Judith and I hit "Beauty Brands" right next to pick up some new fancy nail polishes.

Lunch was at Bice in the Power and Light district in KCMO. Melody has some strings there or something. We ate a lovely lunch out on the deck.

Follow that up with a trip to "Bob Jones" shoes and it was a great day for all.

Melody and Sally are in love with the hand painted silks.

Jennifer also is hanging out in the silk section.

Here's Judith and a great view of the store.

Sondra, Melody, Jennifer and Judith at Bice

Linda's arm, Sally, Judith, Jennifer and Melody (Sondra is hiding)

Annette and Judith

Sondra and Melody

Jennifer has fancy tastes in shoes.

Melody, could you really walk in those stilletos?

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