Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pants Fitting at Hancocks

Written by Melody on PR
What Jennifer is referring to about being violated is really funny. Hancock's has a lovely classroom with a huge window and the door was open. Jennifer is standing in front of me and I am about to take the bendable ruler and apply it with vigor to her back crotch curve when I get this eery feeling eyes are peering at the back of my head. You know this was one of those times you think you are alone and someone catches you picking your nose---except I was about to play with her back crotch curve. And sure enough! There stood a couple of shoppers gawking at all the events in the classroom. I about fell out laughing when the realization hit!!! So, we closed the door and scooted over to the corner so no one could witness this procedure that should go on only in a fitting session.
We all did get a huge laugh out of that silliness and goes to show that my tagline from Heidi is so true!

Judith's pants muslin came out really well, and for all her work, so did Annette's. This will be an on going process and we can use Hancock's classroom again when we need to. The managers there have been most gracious. Of course, we had to help them out and buy some fabric while we were there. They also had lots of disc. notions 60% off, and a couple of us picked up one of those really nice T-square rulers with the foam backing that will be great with patterns.

Of course, we had a great lunch at the Macaroni Grill before hand---that is one thing this group is gifted in ---- lunching---we do it very well.

So, till Annette gets the pictures on the thread, that's all folks! A good time was had by all!!! Once again, we laughed, we ate, and we played with crotch curves, and then bought fabric! Is there anything more fun than that???
So here are the photos, being posted under duress:

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